We offer individual tutoring for any student who is so inclined. Tutoring is available in all disciplines including:

- Singing

- Acting

- Dancing

- Audition Preparation (Drama Schools etc)

You can book your tutoring through us as a school or with our individual teachers.


Adult Fitness Sessions

New Fitness Sessions!

We are very happy to share our offering of fitness classes from our fabulous dance teacher Jade Marriott for adults and young people alike. See below for all information or to sign up with her:

"Don’t like going to the gym? Can’t seem to find the motivation? Let me make this easy for you… I bring the workout to you! I offer Personal Training in your own home and when the weather is nice, we can take it outside. I create a full hour workout, specifically designed for you, your body type and goals. As a specialist instructor in Nutrition & Obesity, as well as eating plans, I offer 24 hour nutritional advice. Clients are welcome to contact myself via Whatsapp with any questions or even for a motivational boost!"


Please contact Jade on jademarriott@hotmail.co.uk or call 07842152684 for further enquires.

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