Mimic is a Performing Arts School in Hertfordshire, which teaches children from the age of 3 up to 18. Mimic also has a Theatre Company, with its own youth theatre company.

We pride ourselves on creating a warm, welcoming and encouraging atmosphere to help develop children into confident and highly talented performers.

We hand-pick our experienced and brilliant teachers, who have first-hand experience in performing fields such as West-End, Film, Television and Fringe Theatre.


We like to keep our class sizes small so that each child gets more individual attention, helping to develop their skills; we also provide personal tutoring if your child is so inclined.


We focus on the three main aspects of Performing Arts - Singing, Dancing and Acting. We also offer a specialist class of Acro Dance, which culminates in Dance, Acrobatics, flexibility and tricks and tumbles. Our classes rotate between disciplines throughout their evening - with 45-minute classes on a Friday, and 25-minute classes on a Tuesday and Thursday. Our Minis class covers all three disciplines, each over twenty minutes.


Each, we work towards different projects including a showcase performance, a large production which takes place in a professional theatre, and in-house assessments.


For more information or to sign your child up for a free trial please contact us here.

Why Mimic?

- NO HIDDEN COSTS! No show fees or additional costume charge (95% of all usual costs for your child to take part are included in the termly fees)

- AFFORDABLE FEES! We always strive to remain one of the most affordable stage schools  in Hertfordshire, without compromising on the standard of our school. We also offer multiple class discounts, sibling discounts, free trials and the option to break fees down into twelve monthly payments.

- NO LIMITS! We are not a franchise. We are a small, independent company so we aren't limited to what we can achieve - there are no rules. If we want to change something, we change it and we don't have to go through any higher people to do so.

- BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! We aim to ensure Mimic provides a safe, welcoming space for all types of students. So whether your child wants to come for fun and just to learn, or whether they are interested in pursuing the arts professionally, we cater for all.

- SMALL CLASSES! Our classes never go above 15 for the main schools, to ensure standards of teaching are high and students receive more individual attention.

- OPTIONS! At Mimic we appreciate some people may not have the time for the traditional 'three hours' of Performing Arts training offered at most schools. So we offer multiple options for our students, so they can choose to take part in 90 minute classes or two hour classes instead, if three hours is too much for them. 

- SHOWS! At Mimic we learn by doing, which means our students are guaranteed a minimum of one main show on a stage, and a public showcase every year. 

- INDUSTRY OPPORTUNITIES! Mimic is affiliated with FS Agency, to offer our students the chance to work professionally if they wish. Mimic also offers countless opportunities to our students relating to industry work or experience. Some of these in the past have included: a professional music video with Tyler Rix, a gardening documentary, a short film, and much more.

- MENTAL HEALTH! Here at Mimic we work hard to promote positive mental health in our young performers. We regularly talk openly about mental health, supportive #time4change and encourage our students to be inclusive and non-judgemental of others so that everyone feels safe. In 2021, we held a mental health workshop with a Mental Health Educator to help our students and teachers better understand mental health.

- PROPS AND COSTUME HIRE! We have over 250 costumes and well over 80 props available to hire, so you're never caught short for Halloween or World Book Day.

- WRITTEN FEEDBACK! Each main school student (age 7+) which receive a full written report at the end of each year, with feedback on their assessments and class achievements as well as Principal feedback


Classes & Fees

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