Costume, Props & Set Hire

Thanks to some very generous outside sources, we are delighted to have over 150 items of costumes and lots of props to hire out. Whether you have a show coming up, a fancy dress party or just want to get some options for Halloween!

For props/set hire, click here.


There is a small refundable deposit payable when hiring. You can keep the items for up to one month at the set hire charge.

Clothing/large props - £5.00 per item

Accessories/Masks/small props etc - £3.00 per item

Scenery/Set - £25.00 per item

Panto & Prince/Princess

x1 red & black royal dress – child age 9-10 

x1 white fairy dress gold trim – child medium 

x1 lemon yellow & silver period dress – adult small

x1 pink and gold dress – child medium age 7-10 

x1 black and silver sequined netted tutu – medium 

x1 gold & cream dress – adult medium 

x1 peach and silver dress – adult size 10

x1 pink velvet netted tutu dress - medium

x1 peach and white period ball dress – adult size S

x1 red and gold Tudor dress – adult medium

x1 black red white dress – child one size 

x1 gold and cream dress – adult medium

x1 dark red velvet small cape - child medium

x2 silver & black knight outfits with trousers & shoe covers – child large 

X1 blue & white striped all in one chitty bang – small child

x1 white, gold, silver top half attire – adult medium

x1 black gold prince jacket, hat & trousers – small child 

x1 purple & brown outfit with hat – child size 5-7 

x1 dark navy & white prince jacket – adult medium

x1 brown prince peasant jacket – child medium 7-10

x1 maroon & gold long jacket – adult medium

x1 blue & gold all in one Aladdin prince – age 3-4

x3 pink & gold all in one Aladdin princess - age 3-4

x2 red gold & blue prince velvet outfit & x1 hat – child age 7-9

x1 grey wizard cloak & hat – child one size

Panto Chorus/Period

x2 blue & white chequered mid length skirt – medium child

x1 green & white chequered mid length skirt –

medium child 

x1 yellow & white chequered mid length skirt – medium child 

x1 red & white chequered mid length skirt –

medium child 

x2 light blue & white chequered mid length skirt – medium child 

x1 purple & white chequered mid length skirt – medium child (elastic gone; needs pinning)

x3 purple velvet white ruff chorus dress with hats, x2 jackets and bum cushions – child aged 5-7

x1 mid length yellow chorus skirt – child medium

x1 red mid length skirt – medium child

x3 red velvet white ruff chorus dress with hats, jackets & bum cushions – child age 7-9 

x1 mid length turquoise chorus skirt – child medium

x5 blue velvet stitch cross chorus dress with x3 jackets & x3 bum cushions – child medium

x1 mid length peach chorus skirt – child medium 

x1 bright pink mid length skirt – medium child

x2 blue velvet white ruff chorus dress with hats – child age 7-9 

x1 mid length sky blue chorus skirt – child medium 

Peter Pan/Native Americans

x1 red pirate scarf/bandana – child one size

x1 green 'Lost boy' sash – one size 

x1 brown velvet cropped trousers – child medium 

x1 brown top velvet – medium 

x1 cream flower waistcoat –

child small 

x1 green Peter Pan outfit & hat – medium child 10-12

x15 approx florescent bright green tights – child medium 

x1 white & brown beaded shirt – child medium

x7 brown velvet tops (style variety) -  child medium

x5 brown velvet skirts (style variety) -  child medium

x1 maroon & gold Hook jacket – adult medium

x1 green dress

– child medium 


x1 leopard soft short

sleeved top – adult size 10

x1 leopard print velvet short sleeved top – child age 12

x4 pig hats – one size 

X1 tiger striped cropped long sleeve shirt –

medium adult 

x1 grey donkey all in one outfit – age 4-6 child

x1 leopard print Mowgli playsuit all in one – adult size 10 

x1 grey long top

– medium adult 

x1 grey adult dog all in one

– large adult 

x1 dark grey poncho – medium 

x1 brown plain t shirt

– adult large

x1 brown long sleeve

soft jumper – adult medium 

X3 bird eye mask black white brown eagle – one size  & x1 black cat mask - one size


x1 grey wizard cloak & hat – child one size

x1 black and silver sequined netted skirt – adult size 10 

x1 black long sleeved top with zip down front – adult medium 

x1 black spider web shawl – child one size 

x8 red santa dresses velvet – x4 age 9-11

- x4 age 12-13 

x1 black all in one hooded top –

child one size 

x1 black cape with red neck & blue ties – child one size 

x1 black red white dress – child one size 

x1 red & gold lion all in one outfit –

child medium 

x4 Black in all one hooded villain outfit – child 8-10 years 

x1 grey wizard cloak & hat – child one size

x1 white wedding dress & short veil, period – one size 

x1 werewolf chest top red chequered –

age 10-11 

x1 yellow & green mask – one size


x1 brown adult trousers  - medium 

x3 brown chorus dress with white apron

– x2 child age 11-14

- x1 child age 4-6

x1 brown trousers – child medium

x1 Nancy skirt black & red lacy –

adult medium size 

x1 dark purple patterned long skirt – medium 

x2 brown child hats

- one size

x1 brown waistcoat and soft shirt – age 11-13

x1 white knitted shawl – one size 

x5 full or ripped beige, brown & grey scarves – one size 

x1 dark brown shabby waistcoat – medium 

x1 cream striped waistcoat –

child one size 

x1 black cropped ripped girls leggings –

child age 9 

x1 dark green ripped orphan shirt – medium 

x1 grey long sleeved holey top – adult size 8 

Service/Job Outfits

x2 green nurse apron/overall all in one – adult one size 

x8 white sailor t shirts – child medium (9-10/11-12)

x1 red and gold priest outfit – medium

x1 brown male officer jacket – adult large 

x1 judge gown – medium

Contemporary (Odd items - Grease, Fame, Chicago, Charlie & Chocolate Factory)

x1 white fluffy soft  Veruca Salt shrug  – adult size 8

x1 black apron with ‘pink’ on – adult one size 

x1 red Fame sports vest – XS adult 

x1 multi coloured 60s orange trousers Willy Wonka – child small 

x1 blue Japanese dressing gown kimono –

adult one size 

x1 black leggings with red stripe – medium

x1 white cropped t shirt with pink lips –

adult size 10

x1 black flapper dress – child medium

x1 black lacy flowery long sleeved cropped top - adult size 8

x1 black & white dress with dog – child medium

x1 florescent pink ankle length leggings –

adult size 12 

x3 red & black cat mid length skirt – x3 age 4-6 one size fits all 

x1 orange and black t shirt – adult size 8

x9 black mortar board – adult one size (could fit child with pinning)

Black dress -

adult medium

x1 black tight stretchy tight boob tube top – small child one size

x1 tiny black corset –

age 12

x1 blue butterfly shirt – adult size 10

x1 white shirt plain – adult size 41cm 16 

x1 green grey flowery clear thin blouse –

adult size 10 

x1 pink & purple striped shirt – adult size 14

x1 pair dark grey jeans – adult size 12 

X1 purple sparkly boob tube – child medium 

x1 white apple t-shirt – adult size small 

x1 red coat –

adult size 14

x1 black smart trousers – adult size 8

x1 white sparkly sequined halter neck top – child small 

x1 black small plain long sleeved top – child medium

x1 blue & white dog dressing down full length – one size 

x1 multi-coloured ugly long straight skirt – small/petite 

x4 sparkly silver waistcoat – child large 

x1 white & pink off shoulder shirt – adult size 12

x1 flower power mini skirt – adult size 8 

x1 chequered navy wool dress – adult size 10 

x1 gold sparkly sequined shorts – child small 

x1 white striped shirt – adult medium 

x1 cream adult coat jacket – adult medium size 

x3 white child dresses – xs child (size varies)


x7 green long sleeved shirt – medium/large 

x1 green flowery dress with gold pattern –

child medium 

x1 black child waistcoat with red and green lining – child medium 

x2 brown shrug –

one size

Accessories/Hats etc

x1 multi-coloured knitted stocking

x15 blue easy elastic ties

x1 butterfly green belt one size

x2 grey curly grandma wigs

x2 gold pointed hats one size

x1 yellow straw hat one size

x1 black sequinned headband & x1 wristband


x1 light brown laced heel shoes – size 6 

x1 pair multi coloured trainers – size 5

x1 pair black velvet heeled boots – size 4 

x1 dark green lace up boots – size 5-6 

x1 leather brown boots – size 4

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