We have a range of small and large props, as well as some set to hire. Photos are coming soon. But some of our items include:

Small Props: (£3 per set or item)

Plastic wine glasses



Rags (for Annie)

Genie Lamp

Fake flowers


Individual plastic school chairs

Large Prop/Small Set: (£5.00 per item)



Small tables

Medium tables

x12 plastic school chairs (£20.00 for all or £3.00 individually)

Puppet Theatre

Black/white board (small)

Small puppet theatre (with x4 small puppets)

Puppets (x1 boy and x1 girl)

Trestle Masks (x8)

Theatrical Masks - different colours (x10)

x3 wooden pallets (3 for £5.00 or £3.00 individually)

Large Set (£25.00 per item, or £100.00 for a show set):

Balcony (not raised)

Large steps with optional hanging material (Aladdin's corner)

Market Stall

Aladdin Small Show Set (£100.00 for all - including balcony, Aladdin's corner & market stall)

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